Terms and conditions of Just Lyrics

terms and conditions of just lyrics
terms and conditions of just lyrics

Terms of Use the Website

This document describes the different terms and conditions related to different services at Just Lyrics. Before using the Just Lyrics you would have to agree with the Terms and conditions of Just Lyrics. If you are not agreeing to our terms and conditions then you are advised not to use this website. These terms and conditions are applicable y to the following but are not limited

  1. Someone who is writing with us.
  2. Someone who is commenting on the posts.
  3. Who is contacting us.
  4. Who is Visiting the Just Lyrics Website.

Terms and conditions are Following but are not limited:-

1. Write with us

Anyone can become a writer on the Just Lyrics Website. If you have writing skills and you can write unique articles related to The Just Lyrics Website you can register with us. Before registering you should have to agree the following terms and conditions. If you are further using The Just Lyrics website it would be considered that you agree with our terms and conditions.
Terms and conditions related to becoming a writer at the Just Lyrics website are the following but are not limited:

A. Agree with Privacy Policy of Just Lyrics

You are advised to read all privacy policy terms before registering at the Just Lyrics website. If you proceed then it would be considered that you agree with the Privacy Policy of Just Lyrics.

B. Information should be correct and accurate

Any information provided by you at Just Lyrics should be correct and accurate. If we found that you are not providing correct information; your account can be banned without any prior notification

C. Article

Any article submitted by you should be unique and related to the Just Lyrics Website. The content should be authentic, genuine, and must belong to you only. Piracy is not allowed. Inside the article, you will never use Any comment/review/stuff that is not related to any topic or contains any Bayonet Information, contradictious stuff, dissimilarity, parricide text, Inflammatory language, unseemly/obscene stuff, etc. otherwise your article will be removed without any notification.

D. Before Publish your article

Before publishing any article, The team of the Just Lyrics website will review your article. If your article requires any correction then the team will be correct and after it, if it is found that it would be published then will be published. Please note that the Just Lyrics team is not bounded to publish your post/article. The final decision authority regarding publishing or trashing any article will be the Just Lyrics team.

If you are inserting your own link (backlinks of your own site) or any other internal or external links will be checked by the Just Lyrics team. If it will found satisfactory then it will be published within your article/post; Otherwise, your post/article will be published after removing them.


Before posting any kind of comment you should be agreed with the following terms and conditions. If you post any comment at Just Lyrics website it will be considered that you agree with the following conditions

a) Any comment/review/stuff that is not related to any topic or contains any Inflammatory language, Bayonet Information, dissimilarity, contradictious stuff, unseemly/obscene stuff, parricide text, etc. will be removed without any notification.

b) You will not use any kind of links inside your comment otherwise your comment will be removed without any prior notification.

3. Contact Us

If you have any questions related to this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us at: contact@justlyrics.net or by filling out the form. While you are filling out the contact us form you should have to insert correct information like your contact detail so that we can contact back you if required.

4. Regarding visiting the Just Lyrics Website and other terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all those persons who are users of the Just Lyrics Website in any term like a visitor, writer, commentator, feedback provider, contacting person, etc. Terms and conditions are as follows:-

A. Proxy

Everyone who is visiting Just Lyrics should be aware that he/she should not use a proxy while browsing the Just Lyrics website. Anyone who will be founded for using a proxy will be blocked.

B. Ads

Just Lyrics website may display advertisements directly or ad partners from advertisers. Advertisers or Ads partners may use cookie cookies to enable it to serve ads to users supported by their visit to the Just Lyrics Website. Cookies of most advertisers use “non personally identifiable information” and don’t track your personal information like your name, physical address, email address, etc.

C. Cookies

Just Lyrics website may use “cookies” to reinforce the User experience. Users’ browser places cookies on their disk drive for record-keeping purposes and sometimes to track information about users. Users may prefer to set their browser to refuse cookies or may refuse to provide a warning when cookies are being sent. If they are doing so, please note that some parts of the location might not function properly.